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We welcome you to our web page! 

The main intention of this web page is to establish a communication platform with an exchange of information for you, who may have a certain interest in our company, product information and our capability to serve your needs. It is also an information desk to present general official data of our company to those who need it.

You will find information about the companies in the EPTEC Group, the historical back ground, our references, contact persons, and last not least, a broad scope of our product portfolio. It is our intention for this to be an ongoing process, release more and more information that is beneficial for all parties.

Ancora Imparo - yet I am learning - is a quote from the famous artist Michelangelo living in the 15th century - and we in EPTEC stand behind this. It is through learning and experience that we can improve ourselves, and by increased use of knowledge and skill, we can lead within our business area.

We are always looking to improve, so we would welcome any feedback or suggestion for improvement of our web page, or EPTEC activities in general. Please give any feedback via our contact page

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